Fast, affordable and energy-efficient: Energy Carbon introduces the heating of the future

A dynamic South Coast start-up has won the exclusive contract to distribute cutting-edge German heating technology to the UK.

Energy Carbon supplies fast, cost-effective, and energy-efficient heating technology developed over six years by experts from the University of Stuttgart, working alongside one of Germany’s largest industrial corporations, renowned for their high-tech solutions.

By harnessing the power of infra-red, the innovative products Energy Carbon provide heat to the objects in a room rather than the empty space, meaning homeowners can switch it on and quickly be feeling the benefits.

Heating fleece just 0.4mm thick can be easily plastered into the ceiling, or placed directly behind plasterboard, to provide the same sort of healthy, infra-red heat that babies receive in incubators – all while remaining totally invisible to the building’s occupants.

“For years, we’ve been hugely passionate about the potential of infra-red,” comments founder and Director Nick Gander.

“As societies, we’re on a mission to drastically cut the amount of carbon we produce between now and 2050.

“Heating accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than any other source – 37% of the UK’s total – and if every heating system in the country was replaced with infra-red, that figure would be dramatically reduced.

“In the beginning, infra-red technology wasn’t without its problems. It could delaminate and fail, or develop unsafe hot spots. But over years of intensive research and development, our German partners have solved those issues.

“In January of this year, we were extremely excited to be able to bring this exciting, cost-competitive heating technology to housebuilders around the UK – but of course, coronavirus disrupted those plans.

“Now, though, the situation has stabilised, and we’re forging ahead.

“We know there’s no one single ‘magic bullet’ solution to low-carbon heating – the eco-friendly homes of the future will inevitably use a variety of different heating technologies.

“But we believe that infra-red heating will play a critical role in making Britain’s homes more energy-efficient than ever before.

“We’re already seeing huge interest in the product we provide, and if you’d be interested in learning more, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

For more information please call 0203 507 1659 or visit