Free-to-play quiz launched by Armitage Shanks to celebrate 200th anniversary

In celebration of its 200-year anniversary, British bathroom manufacturer Armitage Shanks has launched a free-to-play quiz to test the plumbing nation’s knowledge of bathrooms, Armitage Shanks, and everything in-between, with prizes on offer.

The ‘H2O-Levels’ quiz lets plumbers test their knowledge with a six level free-to-play quiz, increasing in difficulty as they go.

Accessed via, it will offer weekly ‘plumb-tastic’ prizes – with this selection of tempting prizes on offer:

  • 1st place – £5,000 worth of bathroom products
  • 2nd place – £3,000 worth of bathroom products
  • 3rd place – £1,000 worth of bathroom products

Users will also be able to share their scores with friends on social media and challenge them on a private leader board.