Future trends in kitchens

Calm Luxe

Calm Luxe is inspired by the paring back of an oversaturated design market. In a world of constant connectivity, time is the ultimate luxury. Our need to ‘switch off’ is pressing and the benefits of slowness, stillness and silence are increasingly recognised. With Calm Luxe interiors, architects and designers will pare back to the essentials to make room in our minds, lives and homes. Living spaces have a peaceful, calming quality that provide a visually light haven that soothes the eye but also the mind. This is an acutely minimal direction, elevated by careful details and high-quality finishes.

Calm Luxe embraces modest material qualities and humble shapes. Interior components promote anonymity and focus on functionality. Silhouettes are as minimalistic as can be but are further softened by matte finishes or dulled angles – never harsh or cold. Materials are rich but humble, from smooth natural leathers to solid natural stones. Woods are pale and desaturated, delicately blanched. Wellness is at the core of this trend.

Urban Industrial

The industrial trend will continue to be important in seasons to come but will evolve towards a more urban and yet increasingly poetic and light-hearted direction. Heavy construction materials such as concrete or cement will be softened by light, feminine tints; new composites will be crafted with colourful industrial waste and fanciful constructions will add a fun element to rough silhouettes.  Designs borrow the stark volumes and rugged textures of Brutalist architecture – translating these into bare, sculptural items. Finishes that focus on tactility warm this industrial look; surfaces remain rough and untreated and light tones of colour soften contours. Taking its cue from industrial workshops, the Urban Industrial kitchen illustrates the artisanal aspect of this trend. Shapes remain solid and uncomplicated. The kitchen space features concrete or cement elements that are softened by light tints and rounded shapes that moderate the rough surfaces. On a more commercial level, reeded glass is reworked in modern ways to bring a soft, contemporary edge to objects; its geometric texture creates blurry, dreamy effects.

Timeless Classic

Past and future, work and leisure, fashion and interiors, home and retail, craft and digital; we live in a time of blurring boundaries – a time where opposites balance, inspire and complement one another. With Timeless Classic, spaces and products draw inspiration from the Modernism of the 20th Century, updating it with fresh tones that create a vintage, yet highly modern look. The Timeless Classic kitchen space combines period features, rich patterns and materials such as marble, warm wood and fabrics. New technological appliances are moving past black, white and grey and shifting towards a delicate colour palette, tactile textiles and retro references. Surfaces are soft and warm to the touch and take us away from the less-inviting aesthetic of many modern technologies and back towards a more sensitive experience.

Wild Living

With Wild Living, we bring the outdoors indoors – via lush vegetation or textured finishes that play to our senses and answer our longing for real, rough – even feral – tactility. Technology takes a more low-key direction – ancient crafts and natural materials are combined with technological advances to create new, contemporary products and appliances. The home reflects this with mobile furnishings that can adapt to our needs and easily transfer from one nest to the next; household objects are complete with details and fastenings borrowed from the world of camping. Warm finishes add subtle depth and texture to the kitchen environment. Think thick natural woods and sleek stones with enhanced natural grains. These traditional surfaces pair with a wide range of beautiful new composites.