Get smart: Discover the latest security tech at NÜEVO HOME

Looking for the latest in smart home technology? Bespoke glazing specialist NÜEVO HOME has the perfect product for you. Director Amar Dhillon shares the details…

Smart devices are about as integral to society today as almost any form of technology that we use daily. As the world evolves, it certainly seems that entire homes are becoming equipped with enough smart devices for optimal convenience and security.

According to a recent YouGov survey, a staggering 57% of homes in Britain now contain a smart device. Over 23% of the UK’s population owns at least one smart item, while one in six users control their smart devices from outside their home on a daily basis – whether it’s to ensure they have a hot drink ready and waiting when they get back, or to make sure their dog isn’t tearing up the sofa.

But entertainment and convenience aren’t the only factors that contribute toward the growing popularity of smart home tech.

Security is another big reason for investing in smart products, with more and more homeowners opting for things like smart security cameras and doorbells.

One company offering the very latest in smart home security tech is bespoke architectural and structural glazing specialist NÜEVO HOME.

“Thanks to Covid-19 lockdown measures, we’ve all spent a big part of the past 18 months indoors, and feeling secure in our homes has become increasingly important,” says Director Amar Dhillon.

“As a result, popularity of smart home tech that offers state-of-the-art security features has risen sharply, and at NÜEVO HOME, we’re keen to help developers, contractors, architects and housebuilders tap into this lucrative and growing market.”

Keyless operation

The London-based company offers the Schüco entrance door, a product that combines a diverse collection of timeless designs with excellent thermal insulation, weather resistance and endurance features.

But what sets the Schüco entrance door apart is BlueCon, an access control module fitted into the door that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with a smart phone, allowing homeowners to open and close their door from within 4 metres away.

With BlueCon in place, a smartphone app activates the door as soon as the homeowner comes within 4 metres of it, enabling them to enter their home without having to use a key.

The device consists of a small hardware module integrated directly into the door, which connects to an electric door lock, activating it on demand.

An integral log function then records every action of the BlueCon module, providing full details of date, time, and the identity of every user. The module can also be activated using an Apple i-watch loaded with the BlueCon app.

Digital keys are renewed every 24 hours, and if the smartphone is lost, unauthorised access is prevented by changing the user account and password in the app, or resetting the module to factory settings.

In addition to keyless operation, BlueCon can also be set for manual activation by swiping a key on the same smartphone, and can be programmed to allow multiple users to access the same door.

BlueCon can also be linked to the rental portal Airbnb – customers can simply use the app to assign and send appropriate access authorisations for a limited period of time to guests, eliminating the need to hand over keys in person.

Ultimate peace of mind

Amar comments: “In the age of digital technology, smart home security systems have become more popular than ever, and as technology has improved, so have these systems.

“Today, smart homes begin at the front door, and the BlueCon-equipped Schüco entrance door is the ideal product for this.

“As a modular door management system for door communication and access control, it combines convenience and security with the latest technology and sophisticated design, while being extremely user-friendly and offering ultimate peace of mind.

“At NÜEVO HOME, we’re always looking for the right products that will help our customers get ahead of the competition, and with BlueCon, we’re certainly doing that.

“If you’re looking to offer your customers a sleek and modern home improvement product that boasts the latest in smart home technology, give us a call today.”

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