Greening up urban landscapes with living walls

Transforming Urban Spaces: The Blooming Beauty of Living Walls.

The Importance of Greenery in Urban Landscapes

Bringing nature into our urban landscapes is essential if we are to create sustainable liveable cities that are fit for the future. People like plants and they are vital for our wellbeing! 67% of people in a survey we commissioned earlier this year say the city they live in needs more greenery.

Biotecture’s statement living walls at McArthurGlen Ashford Designer OutletBiotecture’s Hydroponic BioPanelTM System: A Living Wall Innovation

Living walls also offer the benefits of improved air quality, reduced urban temperatures and increased biodiversity. Green walls help meet planning requirements and count towards targets such as the Urban Greening Factor and Biodiversity Net Gain.

Biotecture’s patented hydroponic BioPanelTM system is a proven living rain screen cladding system. In terms of compliance, it is the only living wall system that has passed all tests for weather tightness, water resistance and wind resistance as per the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT). Independent tests also confirm a B rating with regards to reaction to fire and it is the most resilient and lowest water usage fully comprehensive living wall system in the world.

Biotecture: A Trusted Partner for Vertical Green Infrastructure

Biotecture has over 15 years of experience designing, supplying, installing, and maintaining living walls and from Consultancy to Long-term maintenance partners has established themselves as the go-to partner for vertical green infrastructure. Over the years Biotecture has worked on many notable projects including Wimbledon’s No.1 Court and 20 Fenchurch Street (The Walkie-Talkie). Most recently completing a 1,200m² project in France at McArthurGlen’s acclaimed flagship Designer Outlet just north of Paris.

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