Harbour side setting for sealant

Celebrating the maritime heritage of Ramsgate harbour in Kent, Perfugium Miseris (Latin for ‘refuge for those in need’) is a public art project that is benefiting from Bond It GB PRO advanced hybrid sealant and adhesive.

Designed by Mooch – a creative practice specialising in public realm art and design – this project features the name in 1.2m high by 23m long lettering situated at the high tide mark on the east harbour arm, facing out to sea.

This lettering is clad in a special photo-luminescent vinyl, which makes the letters shine brilliantly in full sunlight before giving them a soft glow as daylight fades.
Twice a day, with the changing tides, the letters also disappear below the surface of the waves paying a tribute to the countless lives lost at sea beyond the safety of the harbour walls.
Bond It’s GB PRO was chosen because it is high strength, waterproof and available in a transparent formula. GB PRO is also highly versatile and can be used for almost any sealing and bonding application, the company claims.
It is part of a growing range of hybrid sealants and adhesives from Bond It based on advanced polymer technology.