Hidden benefits for hotel interiors

Powermatic door closers from Samuel Heath deliver optimum performance in fire resistance and accessibility. Samuel Heath say it is their concealment that delivers a host of benefits for hotel projects, and which has made them the specifier’s choice for hotel interiors.

British designed and manufactured, the door closers fit neatly between the door and frame and are totally concealed when the door is closed. They do not have the unsightly control arms and boxes that are unavoidable with surface-mounted devices and, as such, ensure that nothing interferes with the appearance of the door and interior. They also help to create a homely, less functional, ambience within the room, assuring a more comfortable and relaxing guest experience.

These benefits have seen Powermatic door closers used on hotel projects across the globe, including The Savoy and Brown’s Hotel, London; ARIA resort and casino, Las Vegas; Hilton, Manchester and the exclusive South Lodge hotel and spa in Surrey.