Internal airflow system allows office to breathe easily

The new European headquarters from Tata Technologies has had its energy efficiency controlled via Gilberts’ linear slot diffusers and extract valves; integrated into the facade using Gilberts’ external louvres.

The offices have been designed to be adaptable, allowing internal layouts to change with occupier demand. To accommodate this, Gilberts advised its GSL slot diffusers were used in meeting rooms and offices; GX extract valves provide air changes in open spaces- reception, the restaurant. All duct back towards the WGF38 façade louvres which provide intake and exhaust facilities.

Martin Malyon from Gilberts said: “We worked closely with BAM in specifying and selecting the correct items to ensure good air quality consistently throughout the building.”

Approximately 135 GSL linear slot diffusers have been installed, in lengths up to 2m long. Some 45 GX extract valves deliver removal of stale air at up to 200l/s through a fully-adjustable central core, whilst limiting associated noise to below 40dB(A).

The used air is transferred to ceiling voids, where it is channelled towards the WGF38 façade louvres, ranging up to 2m long. The compact louvres still deliver 50% net free ventilation area.