Introducing Unveiling the Sustainable Power of Clay Brick

Michelmersh launches its latest sustainable initiative:

Introduction to

Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC is excited to release, a bold new initiative that aims to showcase the many benefits of clay brick to specifiers, construction professionals, homeowners and housebuilders.

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Educating on Sustainability

This platform aims to reinforce to architectural professionals, the evolution and investment the industry is making towards innovative sustainability related improvements whilst showcasing the sustainable benefits of clay brick. It also hopes to educate and inform SME’s amongst its peers within the construction industry of the many carbon calculation resources available to aid the sector in collectively and collaboratively achieving net zero. Through the products and initiatives showcased throughout the website, it aims to inspire and revolutionise the way sustainable construction practices can be adopted for future generations.

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User-Friendly Resources

Sustainable Brick’s website serves as a comprehensive hub, providing a wealth of resources, including informative animations, up-to-date news, and in-depth information on why clay brick stands out as a sustainable building material. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows visitors to navigate seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience while discovering the advantages of incorporating clay brick into construction projects.

By introducing, Michelmersh addresses the growing demand for environmentally conscious construction practices, information and data to make informed decisions. It enables users to make informed decisions and integrate clay brick into their designs, thus contributing to a longer-lasting built environment and in turn a more sustainable future.

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Key Features of Sustainable Brick’s Website

Key features of Sustainable Brick’s website include:

  1. Informative Animations: Engaging and visually appealing animations to showcase the sustainable benefits of clay brick in easy-to-understand segments, emphasising its energy efficiency, durability, and low environmental impact.
  2. News and Updates: The platform provides industry news, trends, and advancements in sustainable construction so users can stay informed and up to date with the latest developments.
  3. Informational Resources: Articles, sustainable case studies and links to industry resources delve into the various aspects of clay brick’s sustainability, including its recyclability, thermal efficiency and contribution to healthy indoor environments, whilst also addressing carbon and ESG reporting.

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“Our website launch marks a significant milestone in our mission to promote sustainable construction practices,” said Sarah Le Gresley, Innovation Director. “We are dedicated to providing architects, homeowners and industry professionals with the knowledge and resources they need to make environmentally conscious choices. With, we are confident in our ability to educate and inspire sustainable construction, with continued confidence in clay brick.”

Sustainable Brick invites architectural professionals, contractors, housebuilders and individuals passionate about sustainability to explore and join the movement by contributing and collaborating with the platform. By continuing to embrace clay brick as a sustainable building material, stakeholders in the construction industry can make a positive impact on the environment that will last for centuries and with the added confidence that the industry is prepared to continue to evolve and innovate to achieve its sustainability goals in line with the Paris Agreement to lower global temperatures and the UK Government’s goal to achieve net zero by 2050.