Investing in the right doorsets

Doorsets are one of the final elements to be installed in a new building and they have a major impact on the overall internal aesthetic. Ashley Burberry, managing director at Aspex shares his top tips when investing in doorsets and risers.

Fire Safety
A worrying amount of fire doors are poorly maintained and incorrectly installed, and quite often crucial fire doorset components are commonly missed. The harsh reality is that these decisions to cut corners can result in fatalities.

When choosing doorsets, it’s important to ensure they have been tested to the latest fire safety standards and manufactured under a UKAS accredited certification scheme such a IFCC and labelled accordingly.

Choosing fire rated doorsets that are certified in this way will minimise the risk of damage during an outbreak of fire, and will form a barrier to stop the spread of a fire, thus protecting a building and the occupants.

Aesthetic Appeal
The traditional perception of riser doors is that they are cumbersome, with practicality outweighing aesthetics. However, over the years, doorsets have been developed to be more aesthetically appealing in order to meet the demands of the market and in line with what specifiers and architects need for a finished project.

Here at Aspex, we understand that every company may require something that will match their environment. Our Novista Riser Doorsets have been created so that the door frame is concealed within the wall with no architrave required to create a minimalistic look. Additionally, they can be factory painted to any RAL colour or primed to allow on-site painting for precise colour matching with the adjacent wall.

Door Specification
Make sure the specification of the door meets the requirements of the building. Think about where they will be placed and the finish of the adjacent wall which could have an impact on the type of door you choose and the design of the room.

During the installation process, ensure you check the label, door leaf, latches, seals, gaps and hinges to ensure that everything is working ok and that the door opens and closes correctly.

Installation Time
Traditional steel riser doorsets are often prefabricated, resulting in a very heavy product, which is difficult to handle on-site and install. Aspex has developed its Novista Riser range which offers a simple on-site assembly process, which is intuitive and requires no special skills, resulting in a lightweight item that is easy to handle but still quick and easy to install.