Isover’s new insulation solution Metac – a perfect fit for luxury family bungalows

A development of four executive bungalows in the rural village of South Rauceby has recently benefitted from the installation of Isover’s pitched roof insulation solution Metac, which complemented the semi-vaulted ceiling design and helped to reduce time and labour costs on site.

With unspoilt views over the tranquil Lincolnshire countryside, the Orchard View development is an exclusive collection of bespoke family homes, all built out of Lincolnshire Natural Limestone and sensitively designed to complement the rural setting, but still with a contemporary feel.

In keeping with the classic architectural design and to encourage as much natural light as possible, the open-plan living and dining area in each bungalow features a semi-vaulted ceiling and vaulted skylight windows. Therefore, insulation that would be easy to install in the awkward-sized roof space was required.

With this in mind, Steve Poole from Poole Plant Hire, who was contracted to manage the project for Rauceby Developments, turned to Turnbull Building and Plumbing Supplies for advice on the best type of insulation to use.

Paul Roberts, heavyside director at Turnbull, said: “We have worked very closely with all involved on the Orchard View project and it was our aim to provide a solution that represented good quality, value and ease of installation. It was for this reason that we recommended Isover’s new insulation solution Metac, specified in 125mm thickness, thanks to it being specifically designed for use in pitched roof rafter applications.

“The developer was also keen to achieve a roof U-value of 0.18 W/m2K in order to meet the Building Regulations for new dwellings in England, which was another reason behind our suggestion of Metac, as it has excellent thermal qualities.”

Metac is a high-performance glass mineral wool insulation engineered with both thermal performance and acoustics in mind, reducing unwelcome external noise by 49 dB (RW). Manufactured from up to 80% recycled glass it is also non-combustible and achieves an A1 Euroclass fire rating, the best attainable.

As well as providing high-quality comfort for the future homeowners, Metac presents many benefits to the installer too, saving both time and labour on site.

Steve Poole said: “Due to the design of the building featuring a semi-vaulted ceiling and vaulted windows, it could have been a considerable challenge to insulate the roof space; however, by using a Metac solution this wasn’t the case. It only took around three hours to install, thanks to its ease of handling, fitting and flexibility. There was also minimal wastage, as any offcuts were simply re-used in any tightly fitted spaces, to avoid air gaps.

“I will definitely be using Metac again on any future projects and have already recommended the product to everyone involved on site. Although this was my first-time project-managing a development using Metac insulation, I was absolutely delighted with the results.”

Unsurprisingly, this saving in time and labour can also result in reduced build costs, as Paul Roberts explained: “There are real cost savings to be had with Metac, due to its ease of installation and minimum waste. Contractors can save both time and labour on site, which are important considerations given the strict budgets and deadlines that most projects face.”

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