Making a pointe

Cardiff Pointe, a major new £250m residential project in Cardiff Bay and one of the biggest developments in the city over recent years, has seen VMZINC used throughout phases 1 and 2.

Scott Brownrigg’s design specified standing seam facades and roofs in dark charcoal ANTHRA-ZINC for homes which stand on the peninsula adjacent to Cardiff Yacht Club, and opposite the International Sports Village. Two towers of 24 and 18 storeys respectively have been built on the north of the site and cantilever out over the water to provide added focus for the colour’s visual aesthetic. A 750 m² public plaza has also been added to provide community facilities.

The pre-weathered nature of ANTHRA-ZINC gives the material exceptional colour retention whilst continuing to patinate naturally. This self-protecting quality is one for which the metal is renowned, ensuring that it will evoke the shade of slate for years to come.

The matt black appearance and visible grain structure is distinctive of the metal and produced by immersing natural zinc in a solution which modifies the surface’s crystalline structure. This treatment is a durable chemical conversion and not a coating which requires periodic maintenance, so even 0.7 mm rolled zinc can achieve a 70-100 year design life.

Cardiff Pointe (phase 1), Wales (UK)

ANTHRA-ZINC is proving popular in contemporary buildings across the design spectrum. It is particularly striking in combination with large areas of glazing but, in common with the mid-grey QUARTZ-ZINC and PIGMENTO colours, visual compatibility extends to a wide range of building materials.


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