Making waves

Thermally treated redwood cladding and decking from Howarth Timber and Building Supplies has been installed at Mercia Marina in Derbyshire, to create a stunning finish which remains in keeping with the natural surroundings of the building.

The marina, in Willington, is Europe’s largest inland marina and boasts a plethora of biodiversity and wildlife. Howarth’s cladding and decking therefore suits the surrounding natural environment whilst ensuring a sleek appearance in its high profile location.

The high quality Thermo-D cladding, which was installed at The Boardwalk – the marina’s retail accommodation – co-ordinates aesthetically with the thermally treated redwood decking which was also selected for the marina.

The Boardwalk boasts a bar and restaurant in which customers can wine and dine, along with a farm shop and a host of boutique retailers.

Not only was the premium thermally treated redwood chosen for its aesthetic properties, it was also specified due to the lack of use of chemicals during production, which enhances the environmental qualities of the building. It was also bespoke to the project, having been UV treated and then brushed to reveal the grain.


Further benefits of the cladding and decking include its ability to maintain the same size and shape, its durability, stability and strength. The timber is PEFC-certified, has a decreased risk of mould and improved thermal and hygiene qualities.

Along with this, the timber offers improved wood preservation and weather resistance and can be painted, stained and fire treated to class 0.

Robert Neff, partner and general manager at Mercia Marina, said: “To suit the location, we very much wanted a wood cladding that would maintain its natural wood colour and be robust. The Howarth Timber wood we used promises both. The building is now a landmark in South Derbyshire and looks fantastic.”

Phil Barman of Howarth Timber, said: “Timber cladding and decking is increasingly being specified by local authorities, architects and developers, largely in part for its environmental credentials, but also for its ease of working, natural beauty, performance and competitive price.

“Timber is one building material that has unrivalled pedigree for use in construction, which is why timber is an ideal choice for use as an external cladding and decking.”


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