Navien launches low-noise monobloc heat pump

Guildford-based boiler manufacturer Navien UK has launched a monobloc heat pump.

The product is Navien’s first monobloc air source heat pump and its launch follows that of the new H2 100% hydrogen boiler. It is the latest in a series of new developments offering homeowners alternative ways to heat their homes ahead of the government’s commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Other products in the range include the 20% hydrogen ready NCB ON range of combi crossover boilers, a range of HVO-ready oil-fuelled boilers, and the NPE tankless water heater.

Navien’s heat pump uses a propane refrigerant with a low global warming potential (GWP) of 3.0 to offer a system capable of delivering hot water and higher flow temperatures of 75°C. The heat pump also has two outputs in the range 8kW or 14kW and boasts an A+++ ErP rating.

Navien says this makes it one of the most energy-efficient heating products on the market.

Jason Davies, sales director at Navien UK, said: “Air source heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular and are one of the most eco-conscious solutions on the market, helping to reduce carbon emissions and energy bills in homes across the UK.

“They play a vital role in helping to provide alternative energy sources capable of keeping homes warm in the winter and hot water supplies consistent throughout the year,” added Davies.

The new heat pump is quiet, producing noise pollution of no more than 43dB(A) from just one metre away – no louder than the average household refrigerator, says Navien.

It can also be used alongside one of the boilers from Navien’s current range, such as the NCB700 ON combi crossover boiler, to create a hybrid system. This hybrid solution will ensure the boiler is used to top up low temperatures to meet the demands of the property, particularly in the colder months when the heat pump cannot do this alone.