Never a better time to be IN

Independent Network is inviting companies to join the organisation at a time when they can take advantage of ‘record levels of investment’, re-branding and benefit from what it describes as an ‘innovative’ new consumer strategy.

Veka Group marketing director, Dawn Stockell, explained: “We made substantial investment in consumer research to ensure that our installer network was being recognised and understood by the largest number of homeowners and that our members were getting the most out of the offering. We delved into exactly what consumers consider when investing in home improvements, and how their buying decisions are influenced. Based on in-depth analysis of the results, Network Veka evolved into Independent Network. I think it’s fair to say there’s never been a better time to get involved.”

IN member companies are said to be recognised as some of the most professional window installers in the industry. The organisation’s logo acts as a ‘stamp of approval’ demonstrating to customers (at a glance) that these companies have met the stringent requirements demanded in the approval process.