New accreditation scheme set to bring skills boost to the roofing industry

Plans to create an accreditation to protect and support the growth of the roofing industry were announced at the annual National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) Suppliers Conference this week (Tuesday 21st November).

The certification, the result of a collaboration between the NFRC and the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), aims to improve efficiency, upskill the workforce, encourage the use of new technology and attract new talent.

James Talman, chief executive of the NFRC said: “I am pleased to officially announce that the CITB has reached agreement with the NFRC to launch an accreditation scheme for the UK roofing sector.

“The industry recognises that it is faced with an ageing workforce, structural challenges which limit its professionalism and lacking career paths.

“Our aim is to address some of these issues and make sure roofing contractors have the support they need to operate efficiently and confidently.”

Mark Noonan, industry relations director at CITB, said the accreditation was focused on engaging with existing and potential contractors to create a career learning programme which would inspire and motivate.

He said: “The CITB is placing its support with the NFRC to create the sustainable demand for professional roofers in the built environment and by doing so ensuring that employers and clients benefit from an accredited workforce. We anticipate the scheme benefits would be supported across all specialist federations, professional training providers and other relevant stakeholders.”

The programme of delivery for the accreditation, which has received CITB funding, will be chaired by Jon Vanstone, chair of the Competent Person Forum and Trade Association Forum.

He has worked on accreditation schemes with a number of different industries since 2003, most recently with the glazing sector.

He said: “This is an incredibly exciting step forward for the roofing industry and with engagement across the board it could change the perception of a career in roofing and encourage more people into the sector.

“It could also mean that we are not just actively recruiting but we are recruiting individuals who know what they are doing.

“Collaboration is key to the success of this programme and we will be looking to work together with representatives across the industry to ensure it is of value.”

The accreditation will be officially launched next year.