New Technical Document on installation of roof windows published

The National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers (NARM) has published a new technical guide covering the installation of roof windows on pitched roofs, as part of its ongoing commitment to support best practice in the design and installation of rooflights.

NARM Technical Document NTD16 Roof window installation considerations for pitched roofs, has been produced by NARM member companies to help raise awareness of the typical installation and detailing pitfalls that roof window installers should be aware of before commencing installation.

Most detailing for roof windows is not product specific and the information contained in this guidance document is applicable to many roof window installations.

This new document reportedly contains detailed drawings with explanatory notes, for quick and easy access to a comprehensive range of topics including: sizing of structural openings; coursing; underlays; levelling and squareness flashings; insulation and vapour barriers.

The new document NTD16 is a valuable resource for roofers and other construction professionals and can be downloaded here.