Peab receives supplementary order for £16m engineering contract in Forsåker

Swedish construction and civil engineering company Peab has received a supplementary order to an engineering project at Forsåker in Mölndal. The customer is the City of Mölndal and the total contract is worth SEK 200 million (£16m).

The preparatory work in the area which will be the new city borough Forsåker in Mölndal has been underway for more than a year now. The Mölndal River runs through it and before housing construction can begin, Peab is working on culverting the river and building a visible river watercourse, with the associated bridges, through the area. Now Peab will continue with the next phase there.

“We’re very pleased to be entrusted with continuing the engineering work in Forsåker. It’s a challenging project, both technically and geotechnically. Periodically high water pressure in the Mölndal River and the groundwater pressure require advanced pile solutions. The work requires good planning and considerable caution, which our organization is really good at,” says Berth Larsson, Region Manager at Peab.

Animal and plant life on land and in the river are also being taken into consideration.

“We’re being very careful with the water environment to minimize impact on Mölndal River as well as taking great care with animal and plant life during production. We’re also working with ECO-Betong (ECO-Concrete) that has less of an environmental impact than normal concrete,” says Berth Larsson.

The preparatory work in the area will be completed in 2024.

“We think collaboration with Peab works well. Forsåker is an old industrial area with a lot of indeterminate factors such as contaminants and obstructions in the ground but we’re all working together for the project’s best,” says Sofia Söderlund, Project Manager at Mölndal City’s technical services.

The supplementary order will be order registered in the first quarter of 2022.