Plasloc goes big the Aussie way

Hoarding solutions specialist Plasloc has completed three retail projects in Melbourne, Australia – with its unique external and internal sustainable hoarding systems set to be a mainstay in the country from now on.

The Newton Abbot-based company’s product has been an essential component in more than 6000 projects and is the go-to hoarding solution amongst the UK’s major building contractors and has made a successful move over to the other side of the world.

A delighted Leigh Matthews, Plasloc’s Director, explained: “Eighteen months ago we were approached by an enthusiastic team of like minded entrepreneurs who work within the construction industry that wanted to make a change by looking for sustainable hoarding solutions and had a keen interest in our product.

“We offered them the Plasloc business model and assistance in creating the brand in Australia and the first few projects have been successfully delivered through the hard work and commitment of the team in Melbourne Australia.

“It has been a long process, but we are delighted to have patents pending to cover the product in Australia and have trademarked Plasloc in Australia. Plasloc Australia PTY LTD is starting to gain momentum over there and we now have a positive pipeline. For a family run business, it’s fantastic to be taking Plasloc global.”

The projects were on a number of different sites for three clients – COLES, Westfield and Woolworths. COLES required internal hoarding and a demo wall, while Westfield required external hoarding and Woolworths internal. All the temporary and permanent hoarding systems were professionally and efficiently installed for use in live retail environments.

Plasloc is lightweight, safe and secure interlocking freestanding hoarding system which removes the need for ground penetration. Clean in appearance and hygienic, it has been developed as an environmentally friendly alternative to standard building materials and at end of life, it is removed and granulated ready to be closed-loop recycled to produce more Plasloc in a process that creates zero waste.

The sustainability of the product is the reason for all the interest, with COLES producing artwork to be printed on the hoarding in store to promote the plastic that is being diverted from landfill.

Plasloc also donate all funds received from the recycling of its products to Just One Ocean, a charity committed to preserving the ocean for future generations and Plasloc Australia PTY LTD, which is currently looking at local recycling centres for the product at end of use, is in discussions with a similar charity to make the same agreement.

Leigh added: “Long term we are looking to get tools produced in Australia, however, at present to reduce the emissions from shipping from the UK we are having tools produced in China and we will offset the emissions produced on containers shipped with Carbon Credits to ensure we maintain a carbon neutral status.”

For a cost-effective, sustainable, innovative, and unique hoardings solution, or for more information on how Plasloc can help you with your next construction project, call 01626 356 995, email or visit

Plasloc Hoarding in super market Woolworths Australia

Plasloc Hoarding – Woolworths, Australia