Recyclable, sustainable and quick to fit – ground screws from F.H. Brundle

Ground screws. They’re never going to set the world alight. But like dozens of other unglamorous but hugely important building components, they’re an integral part of construction projects all over the world.

That’s why, at F.H. Brundle, they offer a comprehensive selection of ground screws, suitable for developments of all shapes and sizes.

For smaller scale projects with lighter loading requirements, the company supplies a quality range of 68mm diameter ground screws with lengths up to 1200mm, specifically designed for DIY installation.

These are made from grade S235 mild steel, and hot dip galvanised to DINEN ISO 1461.


For more heavy duty applications, Brundle are also able to offer its Professional range of ground screws, specifically designed for optimum performance, longevity and structural integrity.

Its range of professional ground screws is made with higher quality steel than any other UK supplier – something that’s been verified by independent laboratory tests.

Available in lengths of 1050, 1250, 1550, 1750 and 2050mm, and with a 76mm diameter shaft and 200mm head, these are made from grade 345 mild steel, and again hot dip galvanised in compliance with DIN EN IS0 1461.

F.H. Brundle Managing Director Michael Brundle comments: “With the spotlight falling on sustainability more than ever, ground screws are rapidly growing in popularity as a more environmentally friendly alternative to concrete foundations.

“Because they’re reusable and 100% recyclable, and manufacturing them produces far less carbon than concrete, their impact is much less.

“At F.H. Brundle, it’s always been our mission to stay ahead of the curve, and offer our customers the quality products they need to do the same – and that’s why we’re supplying a comprehensive range of ground screws.

“We hope they help our customers win lucrative new business!”

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