Rehau launches new brochure for TABS

Rehau has created a new no-nonsense brochure to introduce its Thermally Activated Building Structures (TABS) technology to architects and specifiers looking for an environmentally-friendly heating and cooling system solution.

TABS uses the large thermal mass of concrete in a building’s structure to adjust the environment inside the building throughout the day. It reportedly does this by running heated or chilled water through a network of PE-Xa pipes embedded within the concrete slabs. While the system has been used extensively in Europe and South Africa, Rehau says it is not yet widely known in the UK.

The brochure includes an introduction to TABS, an explanation of how the radiant heating and cooling works and suggested applications. There is also a breakdown of the key benefits of TABS, such as its low operating costs (TABS can be used with renewable heat sources as it can be run using lower flow rate temperatures), quick and easy installation and reduced maintenance requirements.