Research reveals post-Brexit impression of the housing sector from an industry perspective

A recent survey has revealed that 74% of housebuilders think the government’s aim of building a million homes during the current parliament is unachievable.

Run by the Build Show and Housebuilder magazine, the survey has been targeted solely at housebuilders and has highlighted a number of strong opinions, concerns and predictions held about the future of the sector.

Following the question on the government’s targets, housebuilders were asked what they thought were the main constraints to increasing the UK housing supply – the top two answers given were problems with the planning system and the availability of enough skilled labour.

Over half of those surveyed said that Brexit would make meeting the UK’s new housing needs more difficult and only 11% said it would make it easier.

Equally, those surveyed were cynical of government initiatives such as the Starter Home scheme with two thirds saying it will not boost supply or that they’re unsure. Similarly, only 40% believed that government initiatives would increase the number of affordable homes being built.

When asked about the possible solutions to the UK’s housing needs, 64% of housebuilders felt that SMEs were the key. Also identified was offsite construction with over two thirds of respondents saying it would play a major role in new home supply as was new investment models with over 75% highlighting the contribution they could make.

Nathan Garnett, event director for the Build Show, commented: “The survey has provided valuable honest insight into the housebuilding sector and clearly indicates that there is a lot of uncertainty.

“Excitingly, the sector also sees a lot of potential in SME builders and we do too. There will be a wide variety of content suited to both national and SME housebuilders at the show to help them overcome the hurdles they currently face.”