Reversible window coming soon from Liniar

PVCu systems house Liniar is set to extend its range even further with the introduction of a reversible window, which will offer a convenient, stylish and safe option for difficult-to-access locations.

Said to be ideal for high-rise projects, the moving pane rotates through a full 180° cycle, allowing the external glass of a Liniar reversible window to be safely cleaned from the inside of the property. The rotating mechanism is said to keep the moving pane from intruding into the inside of the room – so no snagging on curtains or blinds.

Reportedly designed from scratch by the same team of industry experts that created the rest of the range, Liniar’s new reversible window will be perfect for commercial applications – and with flat, chamfered lines, it is said to offer a contemporary finish which is compatible with the full 70mm Liniar suite.

The window is said to feature one of the slimmest PVCu profile sightlines on the market. Utilising patented features such as Liniar’s co-extruded bubble gasket, thermal dam and glazing flipper are said to ensure a draught-free installation with high thermal-efficiency. Liniar reversible windows are also said to benefit from an easy fit, one-piece drip bar with concealed fixings to help protect the window from severe weather conditions.

Chris Armes, Liniar’s design & development manager, said: “Not only will this prove an ideal choice in multi-storey developments, or in locations that are hard to reach in order to keep windows clean, we’ve also developed this for markets outside of England where some building regulations differ.

“In Scotland, for instance, building regulations state that both external and internal surfaces of a window should be able to be cleaned safely from the inside where any part of a window in a dwelling is above four meters from ground level, without the use of step ladders.”