Rocco Forte Hotels create ‘Forte Suites’ at Brown’s Hotel

Samuel Heath’s Powermatic controlled, concealed door closers have been used by the Rocco Forte group at Brown’s Hotel.

Famed for its decorative style and impeccable service, Brown’s Hotel has been home to presidents, prime ministers, royalty and writers, with Rudyard Kipling among its most famous guests.

The hotel believes that Kipling wrote The Jungle Book while staying there and has named a newly created suite in his honour. The Kipling Suite is the hotel’s largest guest accommodation and is the first of the ‘Forte Suites’ to be created by Rocco Forte Hotels as part of the Rocco Forte Suite Experience.

Rocco Forte Hotels create ‘Forte Suites’ in honour of Kipling

Rocco Forte Hotels create ‘Forte Suites’ in honour of Kipling

The suite comprises an impressive living area, two bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms and large walk-in wardrobe, providing guests with the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Access to the suite is via a double-door entrance which leads onto a central foyer, connecting the lounge and bedrooms.

Led by Olga Polizzi, director of design at Rocco Forte Hotels, the Kipling Suite renovation took three months to complete. It makes extensive use of English wallpapers, fabrics and furnishings to deliver a contemporary feel whilst remaining true to the hotel’s heritage and the era of Kipling.

Ms Polizzi, commented: “We designed the Kipling so that you can feel you are in London. This will be a grand classical suite of great comfort, with a combination of antique pieces and contemporary designer items. The English theme carries on and is maintained, as in all our rooms at Brown’s Hotel, with English wallpaper, fabrics, colours and objects.”