Rockfon launches new ‘ultra-white’ ceiling tile

Rockfon has launched its whitest ever ceiling tile – Rockfon Blanka. By applying a specialist coating sourced from the US space industry to a high performance stone wool core, Rockfon has developed a durable, matt ceiling tile that is designed to be visibly smoother and significantly whiter.

The Rockfon Blanka tiles have a smooth surface that allows for easy installation because the tiles are patternless and can be installed in any direction, saving time and reducing waste. The anti-static properties of the coating make Rockfon Blanka resistant to site dust and the tiles are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. The product is also designed to be hard-wearing and can resist up to 100% relative humidity without losing its shape.

The ‘ultra-white’ Rockfon Blanka tiles feature light reflection and light diffusion properties to maximise the uniform spread of natural light. Independent tests have shown that Rockfon Blanka has a light reflection index above 87% and an L Value of 94.5+.

In addition, Blanka tiles are produced from up to 42% recycled materials, are fully recyclable and come with a 15 year warranty to ensure building owners a long product lifecycle.

The range is available in ceiling tiles for sound absorption and sound insulation, as well as a complimentary wall panel range, all in a variety of sizes and edge details, to provide architects with complete design freedom.

Rockfon managing director, Anders Juhl Thomsen, said: “To take suspended ceilings to the next level, we asked our customers what the ultimate improvement would be to them. The architects said they want a ceiling that combines aesthetics – especially whiteness and smoothness – with technical performance, such as fire resistance and acoustics.

“Installers and building owners look for simple installation and a long lifecycle. Choosing a ceiling shouldn’t be a trade-off between properties, so we decided to create a ceiling that delivers it all in one tile.”