Schueco announces new range of sliding doors

New from sustainable building envelope specialist, Schueco UK, is a range of sliding door systems that reportedly provide a complete and elegant solution for high-specification domestic and commercial properties.

Covering both sliding and lift-and-slide doors, the new Schueco ASE 60 & 80 platform comprises 15 opening types, including six single-track options. The result is said to be greater choice, maximum design flexibility and the ability to accommodate widely differing project requirements.

Schueco ASE 60 and 80 doors have a basic frame depth of either 60 mm or 80 mm with a maximum vent size of 3.2m x 3.5m, which is reportedly the largest currently being offered in the market. The inclusion of SmartStop and SmartClose technology is said to ensure safe, trouble-free operation.

A Design Line option is available on all the doors. Design Line reportedly offers enhanced design benefits such as concealed fittings that leave the visible surfaces of the vent and outer frame completely flush, and a slimline interlock with a 40 mm sight-line that delivers today’s preferred ‘more glass, less frame’ look allowing maximum light transmission.

The Schueco ASE 60, in spite of its narrow depth, reportedly offers U-values of up to 1.1 W/m2K, while the Schueco ASE 80.HI meets ‘stringent’ Passive House standards.