Schueco slimline façade system offers unrivalled elegance and performance

The ultra-slimline FWS 35 PD panorama design façade from Schueco UK is said to be the ideal system solution for low-rise, high-end residential and commercial projects.

The frameless glass-to-glass corner option is said to eliminate the need for an intrusive corner profile by transferring the glass load directly onto the adjacent mullions. The result is ‘wider unobstructed views’ from the inside and a ‘sleek contemporary look’ from the outside.

The FWS 35 PD façade is offered with a choice of two levels of insulation – .HI (highly insulated) or .SI (super-insulated) – the latter being officially certified by the Passive House Institute with a Ucw value of 0.79 W/m2K. It can accommodate double and triple-glazed units from 22 mm to 50 mm in thickness, with weights up to 250 kg per transom.

There is also a heavy-duty version that can carry up to 400 kg and the inclusion of a single glazed option that is said to be ‘perfect’ for use in high-end display windows and internal applications.

Where ventilation is required, the Schueco FWS 35 PD façade can incorporate Schueco AWS 114 opening window units; operated either manually or mechatronically with a concealed Schueco TipTronic actuator, these are said to be an attractive and practical method of ventilation and can be specified with either top-hung or parallel-opening types.

A further option is to insert Schueco’s new concept window, the AWS 75 PD.SI turn-tilt window, into the façade. This ultra-slim system is expected to become generally available in the UK later this year.

The Schueco FWS 35 PD façade can be fitted with a variety of solar shading and may be specified with three levels of security – standard or resistance classes 2 and 3 of EN 1627, the latter incorporating P4A and P6B security glass. Because the components that help to achieve this are fully concealed, the appearance of the façade is unaffected.