Slimmer insulation for university project

Refurbishment of a Grade II listed building and part new-build at Sunderland University has included the use of Celotex FR5000 insulation board. The work being carried out at the university will provide modern facilities for innovative businesses and start-ups.

Specifying the appropriate rainscreen cladding system for the Sciences Complex was imperative to the project’s success, with thermal and structural considerations playing a crucial role throughout the decision making process.

The result was the choice of 11m to 12m vertical of the FR5000 across the project, which was selected primarily because of its lambda of 0.021W/m2K and impressive U value calculation compared with typical insulation boards.

Made from rigid polyisocyanurate, it prevents moisture build-up and, the company claims, future-proofs the energy performance of the refurbished building. Achieving the same U-value performance with a mineral wool solution would have required a much thicker design.

The rigid PIR construction also offered advantages when it came to handling and installing the rainscreen cladding on site.