South West construction body launches new and improved membership

Constructing Excellence South West (CESW), an organisation led by members from various sectors and supply chains, has announced improvements to its membership offering.

As a result, CESW will now offer new and more accessible membership packages to construction professionals in the region. Plus, it will allow existing and new members to select a package that provides the best value, regardless of whether they are signing up as individuals or representatives of a company.

Dan Macey, Chair of the CESW Board, said: “The organisation’s focus on value led to the decision to simplify membership and to make it more accessible. We have listened to feedback from existing members, and the new approach means that companies can choose a package that suits them best. This is regardless of their turnover, number of employees, or business type.”

The CESW Board has created four new membership categories which are individual, bronze, silver, and gold to simplify the existing membership.

“These changes mean that even large PLCS could opt for the bronze package, while SMEs could choose the gold package – depending on their needs and desired visibility,” adds Dan.

“Each package comes with various benefits including access to the CESW Best Practice Resources, clubs and theme groups, special discounts on event attendance, and more. Existing members can choose the most appropriate package that best suits their company, based on what they wish to gain from being a CESW member.”

As an organisation that seeks to drive change across the construction sector in the South West region, membership lies at the core of CESW’s operations and provides many benefits. From networking with like-minded professionals, sharing best practices and exclusive access to learning materials and how-to guides, to participating in collaborative working towards disrupting the construction sector.

CESW is excited to see the route that its existing members will choose as the most suitable for their organisations this year, following the launch of these new proposals.

To find out more information about the new membership packages visit: