Tap into the luxury market with new doors from NÜEVO HOME

After a successful year, bespoke glazing specialist NÜEVO HOME has added a premium range of aluminium bi-folds and patio doors to its product portfolio, helping architects, developers and contractors tap into this luxury and growing market.

Designed for large panoramic openings, EvoFold bi-fold doors can accommodate up to 14 illuminating panels as well as inside and outside openings, plus practical lead door and expansive corner bi-fold door configurations.

As one of the slimmest aluminium bi-folds on the market, EvoFold has impressive panel widths of up to 1.2m wide and 3m high, comes in limitless designs, and can be either double or triple glazed.

Meanwhile, NÜEVO HOME’s ultra-slim EvoSlide aluminium sliding doors are available with 2 to 6 panels of up to 2.5m wide and 3m high, as well as multiple track, threshold and style options.

These sleek sliding patio doors also offer the possibility of an innovative pocket system, smoothly disappearing into a wall cavity when fully opened for a truly minimalist architectural feature.

Taking this a step further is the EvoGlide sliding door, which as well as the traditional manual operating system, offers a practical, state-of-the-art automatic motorised mechanism – the ideal finishing touch in luxury home automation.

Complete with top of the range automatic door gearing and handling a maximum weight of up to 700kg, the motorised EvoGlide door comes in panels of 4m x 4m, and is especially favourable for renovation projects that require substantial panel widths, delivering effortless accessibility with a simple touch of a button.

NÜEVO HOME Director Amar Dhillon comments: “Our EvoFold, EvoSlide and EvoGlide doors are the perfect choice for those looking for premium products that let in plenty of natural light while remaining sturdy and secure. Homeowners are increasingly looking for luxury, so if you’re an architect, developer or contractor looking to tap into this lucrative and growing market, then give us a call today – we’d love to help.”