The complete solution for healthcare environment

Gourock Municipal Building is the town’s Grade C listed landmark building which sits in a prominent position on the banks of the River Clyde. Richard Robb Architects were part of an ambitious renovation project for the building, which is now home to Weir & McClafferty Dental Care. Knauf AMF ceilings were installed throughout to provide a clean, minimalist aesthetic for a professional working environment that meets stringent hygiene criteria.

Architect Richard Robb explained the reasons for choosing Knauf AMF: “We required a ceiling system that provided a clean, simple appearance and allowed us to rationalise level changes with the existing plaster ceilings. Knauf AMF provided us with an effective solution and we would definitely consider using Knauf AMF for future projects.”

Fine Stratos was specified for the reception area to create a light, welcoming space. Fine Stratos is an elegant ceiling with a fine textured surface that fits perfectly with the interior design. Its 88% light reflectance and full light diffusion help produce the optimum lighting conditions for a comfortable patient waiting area. Fine Stratos ceilings can be installed using a Ventatec demountable grid system which is available in various edge details for either exposed or concealed design options. With a Ventatec grid, the tiles are easy to remove and reinstate when access is required to the services above.

Partner Dentist Fergus McClafferty is proud of their new practice: “We love the new premises and have received an excellent response from staff, patients and visitors. We particularly like how the ceiling tiles and LED panels all integrate seamlessly. The light, bright interiors are great and cheer us up even on the greyest of Scottish days!”

Thermofon Hygena ceilings are installed in the surgery rooms to meet the exacting hygiene conditions demanded for healthcare facilities. The ceilings are durable, easy to clean and manufactured with a specially developed ‘Hygena’ treatment to prevent the growth of micro-organisms. Sound control was a key requirement for the dental practice. Thermofon Hygena offers high sound absorption values to help control the level of ambient sound which aids concentration and ensures patient conversations remain private.

The decontamination facility required a ceiling that would offer resistance to humidity and resist bacterial growth. Thermatex Aquatec is the ideal solution for hygienic areas. Aquatec is moisture resistant up to 100% RH and can withstand fluctuations in temperature as high as 40˚c without deterioration. Aquatec resists air flow through the tiles, keeping the ceiling clean and helping to maintain a sterile environment.