The most compact yet powerful MVHR available in the market

Unveiling the Market’s Mightiest Yet Most Compact MVHR Solution.

Titon, a leading provider of ventilation solutions, is excited to announce the expansion of its mechanical heat recovery range with the introduction of the new HRV4 Q Plus Range. This latest addition showcases Titon’s commitment to delivering innovative and efficient ventilation solutions for residential applications.

Enhanced Performance and Efficiency with the HRV4 Q Plus Range

The HRV4 Q Plus Range brings impressive enhancements, maintaining a compact size of only 600mm wide whilst significantly boosting performance and efficiency. With an airflow up to 158 l/s (568 m3/h) at 100 Pa, this advanced MVHR ensures optimal indoor air quality. Additionally, the HRV4 Q Plus Range boasts a remarkably low Specific Fan Power, down to 0.38 W/l/s, demonstrating Titon’s dedication to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Exceptional Heat Recovery and Energy Efficiency

One of the standout features of the HRV4 Q Plus Range is its highly efficient heat exchanger, achieving up to 91% heat recovery. This outstanding recovery not only ensures superior ventilation but also aids in reducing energy consumption and associated costs.

The new HRV4 Q Plus Range measures 600mm (w) x 602mm (h) x 477mm (d), providing a compact and space-saving design for ease of installation in various building layouts. Moreover, it offers the convenience of Left or Right-Hand on-site configuration.

HRV4 Q Plus Range specs.

Smart Connectivity and Remote Monitoring

Titon continues to develop its product offerings, listening to their customers and the needs of the market. The HRV4 Q Plus Range boasts full MODBUS and WiFI connectivity via the aura-t controller and the auraSmart app, enabling seamless integration for remote monitoring and control.

James Fisher, Titon’s Commercial Director, expressed his excitement about the new product, stating,

“The HRV4 Q Plus Range is the next level for the ventilation industry. Its impressive airflow capacity, energy efficiency, size and smart connectivity options set a new standard for indoor ventilation solutions.”

Titon is proud to offer the HRV4 Q Plus Range, representing a significant advancement in indoor ventilation technology. With its compact size, remarkable performance, and eco-conscious design, the HRV4 Q Plus Range is poised to transform MVHR in the marketplace.

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