The Power of concealment

Powermatic controlled, concealed door closers from Samuel Heath tick all the right boxes when it comes to meeting the legislation, regulations and product performance standards that govern fire safety and accessibility.

Where fire performance is concerned, the door closer meets the requirements of BS EN 1154 and carries the CE mark. It has also been independently tested and proved to meet the requirements for one hour and half-hour fire doors under BS EN 1634-1.

Powermatic also offers operating efficiencies that enable it to assure a door’s compliance with Approved Document M of the Building Regulations.

Powermatic door closers are suited to housing situations thanks to the fact that it is completely concealed when the door is closed. This ensures that high-end interiors retain their looks, but can also reduce the risk of the door closer being damaged through vandalism, which could render a fire door useless. It also means less maintenance call-outs and enhanced reliability.