Upgrade your home today with the latest in smart home tech

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Looking for the latest in smart home technology? Double glazing specialist Global Windows has the perfect product. Managing Director Liam Hulme shares the details…

Smart devices are about as integral to society today as almost any form of technology that we use daily. As the world evolves, it certainly seems that entire homes are becoming equipped with enough smart devices for optimal convenience and security.

According to a recent YouGov survey, a staggering 57% of homes in Britain now contain a smart device. Over 23% of the UK’s population owns at least one smart item, while one in six users control their smart devices from outside their home on a daily basis – whether it’s to ensure they have a hot drink ready and waiting when they get back, or to make sure their dog isn’t tearing up the sofa.

But entertainment and convenience aren’t the only factors that contribute to the growing popularity of smart home tech.

Security is another big reason for investing in smart products, with more and more homeowners opting for things like smart security cameras and doorbells.

One company offering the very latest in smart home security tech is double glazing specialist Global Windows.

“Thanks to Covid-19 lockdown measures, we all spent a large amount of our time indoors, and feeling secure in our homes has become increasingly important,” says Managing Director Liam Hulme.

“As a result, the popularity of smart home tech that offers state-of-the-art security features has risen sharply, and at Global Windows, we’re keen to help homeowners feel safer.”

Simple, effective design

The Sheffield-based company offers Kubu, the Smart-Equipped Lock from Avantis Hardware that monitors your lock in real-time, notifying you if your door is locked or unlocked.

Kubu Smart hardware can be incorporated into the design of almost any entrance door supplied by Global Windows – a smart sensor is attached to the door, which is then linked to the homeowner’s smartphone. The homeowner can then check the status of the door at any time, from any location.

Once the Kubu-equipped door is installed, customers can purchase a Home Hub from the Kubu website. They can then connect this to their home wi-fi, download the Kubu app to their smartphone, and fit the Kubu door module into their equipped door lock.

A sensor inside the Kubu door module is then activated every time the door is locked or unlocked. The activation sends a signal to the user’s smartphone, alerting them of the door activity.

Our number one priority

Liam continues: “In the age of digital technology, smart home security systems have become more popular than ever, and as technology has improved, so have these systems.

“Today, smart homes begin at the front door, and the Kubu Smart Lock is the ideal product for this, combining convenience and security with the latest technology and sophisticated design, while being extremely user-friendly and offering ultimate peace of mind.

“At Global Windows, we’re always looking for the right products to help our customers, and with Kubu, we’re certainly doing that.

“Keeping our customers’ homes as safe as possible is our number one priority – with Kubu, you can say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to peace of mind.”