VeriSmart Heating unveils new hybrid electric radiator

VeriSmart Heating has launched a new hybrid electric radiator, the EcoSlimline.

The product is designed for those who want the benefits of convection, which warms the air quickly, combined with the efficiency of ceramic accumulators which retain the heat for longer.

The EcoSlimline combines the technology of convection, radiation and storage, with a twin heat generating system. The finned resistor uses the convection process to get the room up to temperature quickly, for comfort and convenience. The ceramic block accumulators then absorb and retain the heat generated by the finned resistors and it’s own internal resistor. The ceramic blocks maintain a stable temperature and are designed to radiate the heat comfortably and efficiently.

“The extraordinary thermal inertia of the ceramic makes the EcoSlimline energy efficient,” says Stewart Donnor, managing director of VeriSmart Heating. “ Not only is it slimline and stylish, it heats the room quickly, stays warm for longer and costs less.”