Winning formula

The imposing Appleton House in Warrington is more than just an office complex. The interior has been transformed with a funky industrial gym theme fit for the European headquarters of global Sportswear brand New Balance.

As part of the renovation, GEZE UK was commissioned to install a pair of bi-parting automatic doors powered by ECdrives to the entrance of the canteen.

The canteen, which provides an informal space to meet, relax and eat for over 100 employees based at the HQ, was commended as a catalyst for improved interaction between staff when the company won the Best Workplace Fit Out Award held by the British Council for Offices.

The doors separate the working space from the canteen, which features bold geometric flooring with colourful accents. Aluminium framed glass doors finished in grey satin were chosen to reflect the industrial theme, while still providing a stylish modern entrance.

ECdrives have been specifically designed for use in busy areas, making them suitable for the canteen where large numbers of people may wish to enter or exit simultaneously. The drive uses GEZE’s activation technology to open the doors automatically to allow staff to access the canteen quickly and safely. It also features a self-cleaning roller carriage and low friction design.

Commenting on the installation of the bi-parting automatic doors, Fran Allen, New Balance’s vice president EMEA region, said: “We all feel justifiably proud of our new, award-winning European headquarters which has been especially designed to provide the best possible working environment for our associates.

“The installation of these doors supports that central ethos and works exceptionally well both stylishly and practically.” Andy Howland, sales director of GEZE UK said: “This project required a fairly swift installation, so we jumped into action to provide a solution that would meet the design, functionality and delivery requirements.

“The bi-parting aluminium framed glass doors are in keeping with the wider office design that reflects the company’s product range and New Orleans’ heritage. Meanwhile, the ECdrives provide an efficient and effective automatic solution for high traffic areas.”

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” width=”500″ ]Automatic door specification guidance
When it comes to specifying automatic doors, aesthetics are not the only consideration. Here are GEZE’s top tips for what you need to take into account when specifying automatic doors for both internal and external use:

  • Traffic – consider the number of users and whether they are trained (familiar with automatic doors) or not.
  • Safety – take into consideration potential danger points and which safety features, such as sensors, anti-finger trap systems or barriers, are required.
  • Accessibility – automatic doors help to meet the demands of the Equality Act by aiding accessibility. However, the type of door fitted (such as revolving doors) may affect accessibility, so pass doors may be needed.
  • Compliance – several laws and regulations apply to automatic doors (e.g. Approved Document M of the Building Regulations, EN 16005, BS 8300)
  • Activation – what is most suitable for the location – infrared, radar controlled, push pads, touchless control?
  • Location – for external entrances, prevailing winds can affect the operation of some doors, while exposure to sun may mean air conditioning is required. Internally, the space available and position of corridors or other building features may influence the type of door you can choose.
  • Fire safety – if the door or entrance is along a fire and rescue route, approved doors will be needed.
  • Retrofit – can affect the choices available, particularly if the building is listed.
  • Aesthetics – an automatic door should complement the design of the building and its interior and entrances should set the tone for what’s inside.
  • Access control – consider if you need to control access to the building or parts of it, such as within hospitals and airports.
  • Sustainability – minimise heat loss and maintain an even temperature with a revolving door or lobby.
  • Security – for buildings where security is an issue, such as banks, burglary resistant systems are available.
  • What type? – swing, sliding, revolving and folding doors all have different advantages.[/box]