A service beyond ‘the norm’


Cornwall Services opens a Space To Change wheelchair-accessible toilet

One of Britain’s service stations is doing “a proper job” in catering for all visitor needs by becoming the first location of its type in the UK to install a new concept in disabled toilets.

Cornwall Services has opened a Space To Change assisted wheelchair-accessible toilet, in the main building.

The facility demonstrates exceptional customer care after first being requested by a visitor, Rachel George.

Alex Lawson, Cornwall Services manager, explained: “Rachel and her family stopped to use our facilities on a trip to Cornwall. The needs of their child mean they need a large changing bench and hoist-kit not normally found in a conventional wheelchair-accessible toilet. So while they were here, she approached me and asked if we could see a way to offer those facilities.

“Conventionally that would have meant a Changing Places toilet, which would require finding a room 12m2 to comply. We were struggling to do that when we heard about Space to Change, which has the same key equipment, but in a smaller space-7.5m2 . We had an existing toilet which could be remodelled to accommodate that, and Rachel was happy with the compromise, so that is what we have installed. It was the perfect solution!”

Cornwall Services opens a Space To Change wheelchair-accessible toilet

Space To Change toilets plug the gap between conventional (Building Regulations Approved Document M 2013) wheelchair-accessible toilets, and the ‘desirable’, additional, larger and better equipped Changing Places toilet facilities.

The concept, developed by Clos-o-mat, ensures that the personal hygiene needs of up to three million British children and adults who need changing and lifting facilities for their personal care are met when away from home.

It encompasses a 7m2+ (3m x 2.5m min) wheelchair-accessible toilet that further includes an adult-sized changing bench and a hoist.