Manchester Made Terrazzo

Ethical Stone Terrazzo: British-made, Low Carbon Terrazzo Tiles

Sustainable Terrazzo Tile Manufacturing in Manchester

Available from Parkside, Ethical Stone Terrazzo is a low impact terrazzo tile that’s made in Manchester using repurposed brick, natural British stones and low carbon cement.

In a process that sees stone waste collected from factories or sites across the UK and turned into new premium floor tiles, Ethical Stone Terrazzo is a British made terrazzo that supports UK industry in producing low carbon materials. Available through Parkside, it can transform commercial interiors with an unmistakable terrazzo floor that offers significantly lower CO2 emissions.

The Unique Origins of Ethical Stone Terrazzo

The origin of every Ethical Stone tile can be traced to the British Isles. With marble from the Isle of Skye, pink limestone from Devon, black Welsh slate and Derbyshire limestone; Ethical Stone is a unique and beautiful British take on classic terrazzo tiles in effects that simply can’t be recreated. Reclaimed Manchester Brick is also highlight of the low impact approach of Ethical Stone Terrazzo. And it’s not just old brick that can be reused: glass, metal, concrete, stone and even timber can all be used in production.

A Terrazzo Tile

Reducing CO2 Footprint with Ethical Stone Terrazzo

Ethical Stone also uses a low carbon alternative to traditional Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). By utilising a by-product of the steel industry, this alternative reduces reliance on OPC by up to 50%. It’s a ground-breaking low carbon technology that helps to lower Ethical Stone’s CO2 footprint. Made in Manchester, Ethical Stone Terrazzo also brings low carbon innovation to an 80-year history of terrazzo manufacturing in the city.

Compared to Italian sourced tiles, Ethical Stone Terrazzo offers a significantly lower CO2 footprint for transportation to a typical UK project – delivery into London uses 76% less CO2 than terrazzo from Italy. For any project looking to use real terrazzo finishes but concerned about the impact of the material, Ethical Stone Terrazzo makes significant strides in lowering CO2 footprint in production and delivery.

Customisation and Availability of Ethical Stone Terrazzo

The tile is available from Parkside in standard colours, including the striking Manchester Brick (with or without slate), and bespoke mixes are available on request. Tile formats include square and rectangular up to 597mm x 597mm in 38mm thickness and can be specified in honed, polished or brushed surface finishes.

Ethical Stone Terrazzo is now on show at the Parkside Sustainability & Design Studio in Clerkenwell, where samples can be collected and returned.

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