Air barrier membrane surpasses fire safety tests

A self-adhering vapour permeable air barrier from A. Proctor Group, certified by the BBA, has exceeded the latest fire safety tests applicable to building products used in construction.

Wraptite was extensively tested and achieved the highest classification for a polypropylene membrane of its type. The product was subjected to two separate tests: BS EN ISO 11925- 2:2010 Ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of flame – Part 2 Single-flame source test, and to BS EN 13823:2010 Building Products excluding floorings exposed to the thermal attack
by a single burning item.

Iain Fairnington, technical director for A. Proctor Group said: “BS EN 13823:2010 evaluates the performance of products in relation to heat
& smoke production, lateral flame spread and the presence of flaming droplets or particles. Under these test conditions Wraptite achieves a Class B-s1-d0 rating, the highest possible for a polypropylene membrane. This classification gives specifiers absolute confidence in the membranes performance in the event of fire.”

Wraptite has received BBA certification for use in both roofs and in walls behind rain screen cladding.