Fast food chain now features fast-paced drainage system

Lightweight channel drainage system Filcoten, from Gatic, has recently been installed at a McDonald’s restaurant in Tonbridge.

Filcoten Pro G NW100 c/w F900 Grate was supplied through civil drainage merchant MPS and installed by contractor Galamast, who handle most of McDonald’s construction projects.

Filcoten’s composition and close control of the curing process means it achieves a compressive strength 50% higher than conventional HPC without having to revert to the use of chemical stabilisers, additives or releasing agents.

Filcoten is manufactured from a High Performance Concrete (HPC) that is new flexible and strong. It is claimed that Filcoten is 70% lighter and its bond to an identical concrete surround is five times stronger, improving resilience to traffic loading, ground movement and thermal cycling.

Filcoten is 100% recyclable, non-flammable and UV resistant unlike resin or polymer based products.