Foam insulation fills the gap in air tightness market

A spray-foam insulation that expands 100-fold when applied, sealing all gaps service holes and hard to reach spaces where air leakage can occur.

Icynene eliminates cold bridging and achieves air tightness standards in excess of those required even for Passivhaus-type construction.

Air leakage accounts for a high proportion of the heat loss from a building and often has a greater impact on the thermal performance than thermal conductivity through walls and roof planes.

Icynene has an open cell structure and soft, yielding texture. This provides increased insulation properties, but also allows the building to breath naturally, resisting internal condensation – particularly important when insulating heritage-type buildings.

Icynene achieves insulation performance in excess of the U values required under Building Regulations and helps meet the sustainability and zero carbon targets faced by housebuilders.