Gatic CastSlot surface drainage specified for business park

Gatic recently installed Slotdrain CastSlot Treadsafe, its high capacity surface water drainage at Hamilton Business Park in Hedge End, Southampton. The £2 million project, which spans 24,000 ft2, involved building new industrial and warehouse units and is the final phase of a 30-year project that started in 1988. The business park now has a total of 26 units covering 250,000 ft2 and 20 acres of space.

BCT Services worked with the developers to complete the project. John Griffin, buyer for BCT Services, has worked in construction for 30 years and is familiar with Gatic’s products. He said: “Our specification called for CastSlot but I would have recommended using it anyway. It’s a good product, practical and easy to handle. It comes in three, one and a half-metre lengths, which are designed with quick and safe installation in mind, and the metal construction means it’s not liable to breakages – which speeds up installation and improves safety, as well as saving cost.”

CastSlot is part of Gatic’s Slotdrain range, available with a 10mm or 30mm opening and a load classification of up to F900, CastSlot is said to be ideal for areas which are subject to heavy loads and slow turning traffic such as warehouse and industrial units. Its unobtrusive profile sits neatly within concrete, asphalt and block surface finishes, and an electro painted ductile iron throat section is fixed to the galvanised steel channel body for a robust yet discreet drainage system. The Treadsafe option is recommended for areas where regular foot traffic is likely.

Gatic’s CastSlot Treadsafe installed at Hamilton Business Park