Light steel frame manufacturers prepare to Focus on Framing

A new conference has been launched to bring together light steel frame manufacturers and industry professionals.

Sponsored and hosted by the Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA), the Focus on Framing conference and exhibition will take place on 4 June, at the NEC Birmingham.

Following the new Building Regulations that came into force at the end of 2018, restricting the use of combustible materials in external walls of residential buildings above 18m, Focus on Framing promises to provide construction professionals with insight into the latest compliant light steel frame systems and showcase best practice through informative case studies.

Created for specifiers, engineers, architects, contractors, housebuilders, developers and manufacturers, the event seeks to highlight steel framing solutions to overcome the challenges presented by new protocols and will feature ‘informative case studies on buildings that are gaining global attention’.

Darren Richards managing director of Cogent Consulting and member of the LSFA steering group said: “Light steel frame systems are fundamentally important offsite technologies that are used in so many building types and applications. With the recent Building Regulations restriction, I can see steel framing technology becoming even more integral to the future of construction.”


The Focus on Framing conference will feature high-profile speakers discussing the significant role that light steel frame plays in the UK’s major developments across all sectors – from residential to commercial, education, retail and leisure.

Focus on Framing speakers include:

  • Darren Richards, managing director – Cogent Consulting (event chairman)
  • Richard Lankshear, innovation manager – NHBC
  • Peter Burchill, business development manager – EOS
  • Robert Clark, head of business development – Fusion Building Systems
  • Colin Westpfel, head of design – Balfour Beatty
  • Andrew Waddell – Metframe sales manager – Voestalpine Metsec
  • Andrew Way, associate director – SCI

The event is described as a ‘must attend’ for professionals in the construction industry who want to stay abreast of potential technology developments and business opportunities.

Richard Lankshear, innovation manager for NHBC will be presenting on the new technical standards changes to NHBC Chapter 6.10 ‘Light steel framing’ to support advances in the use of this technology and define guidance for structural frames and infill walls.

“For many years NHBC has supported the industry in relation to embracing innovative forms of construction,” said Richard Lankshear. “Because our approach to acceptance of MMC/offsite construction is rigorous it provides confidence to all concerned and I look forward to working with housebuilders and light steel frame supplies as the sector continues to evolve.”

The Light Steel Frame Association aims to market the light steel industry frame in a way that engages and positively influences stakeholders, government departments, ministers and relevant industry bodies to influence legislation and industry regulations.

Steve Thompson, managing director for EOS, headline sponsor of Focus on Framing, said: “The aim of the Light Steel Frame Association is to raise the profile of the steel framing industry, and what better way to do that than a dedicated steel technology event where manufacturers and supply chain members can network with construction industry professionals  and share our specialist expertise?”

You can book your tickets for the Focus on Framing event at

Tickets are £125.00 + VAT and include entry into the conference and exhibition, parking, as well as lunch and refreshments. LSFA members are entitled to a 20% discount.

There are still a small number of exhibition and sponsorship opportunities available at Focus on Framing. Contact for more information and to secure your space.