‘Listen and learn’

The Agrippa wire-free door holder from Geofire.

The Agrippa wire-free door holder from Geofire.

In response to concerns of the reliability of wire-free fire door holding and closing devices Geofire has developed ‘listen and learn’ technology. The devices pre-record the sound of the building’s specific fire alarm and only release the fire door should they hear this particular sound.

Geofire’s Agrippa range of wire-free fire door holders and closers have been popular in environments where minimal disruption is desired such as care homes, schools and hotels. The devices can be fitted in a matter of minutes and are even complete with a handy, step-by-step installation video.

Both products are hygienically installed at the top of the door, ensuring there is no damage to floors/carpets or any warping of the fire door.

The Agrippa fire door closer is a swing-free device which allows the fire door to be held open in any position. It will make the door resistance-free and so it will feel light and easy to move.

The devices comes supplied with two C-cell batteries, can be programmed for daily release, have a battery life indicator and both products are approved to EN1155 and CE marked.