Market survey shows Rinnai tops for quality product in continuous flow water heating

Plumbing and heating engineers have reviewed and rated Rinnai continuous flow units and systems as a leader in a recent survey into hot water heating delivery systems and products, identifying the company as having ‘superior quality’ to competitor products.

The survey showed respondents – all Gas Safe registered engineers – answered questions regarding overall satisfaction, brand awareness and product quality. Rinnai came top on product quality and technical service.

Over 70% of those surveyed stated they were regular customers and identified ‘strongly’ that ‘quality of products’ and no ‘call backs to site’ as being the main reasons for their views.

Over 65% of respondents said that the quality of Rinnai’s product offering is ‘superior’ to the claimed market leaders with a further 85% indicating that the brand, including all elements of product range, reliability, innovation and customer service, is a market leader.

Rinnai units and systems are said to be the number one choice for large buildings and businesses with a heavy demand for constant hot water or where high peaks of demand occur at certain times. The water handling capacity is said to be “infinite” as units can be installed to ‘cascade’.

The benefits for the end-user are said to be “big savings” on fuel over other forms of water heating solutions, with the added advantage that there is no need to give up valuable space to install a cylinder. And there are said to be no standing losses to account for as occur with traditional stored hot water systems.

The Rinnai system reportedly produces useable hot water on demand, at the turn of a tap or the push of a shower button. The relatively compact footprint of the units also means they can be housed in tight spaces and still be easily accessible for maintenance and servicing.

The condensing process reportedly delivers 95% thermal efficiency, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to standard on-demand water heaters.

Rinnai condensing continuous flow water heaters are low NoX, less than 50mg with gross efficiencies of 96-97% and recovery of 740 litres per hour at 50° Delta. All units are A rated on ErP.