Parking with sustainable grass reinforcement

For both commercial and domestic car parks and driveways there are options for concrete grass reinforcement. Specifiers can reportedly turn those large parking areas into sustainable green vistas with sustainability built in.

Grass Concrete says it offers both concrete and plastic varieties of grass permeable paving for parking areas big or small. The permeability features of grass paving are said to address sustainable drainage systems issues, where hard landscaping can provide too much run-off drainage utilities.

For regular trafficked areas where regular or heavy-duty vehicles can be expected, the company’s Grasscrete is cast on-site, providing ‘structural integrity’ with deep soil pockets to establish the best possible grass coverage.

According to the company, an alternative with a strong concrete under-structure for regular parking is Grassblock, which is available as a pre-cast option. It also reportedly provides maximum load-bearing capacity.

Grass Concrete says it only recommends plastic paving with Grassroad where light trafficking applications are called for – secondary parking in driveways and grass verge hardening and embankments.

Wakefield-based Grass Concrete says its Grasscrete product has become the generic name for permeable grass paving with over 40 years of installations. With ‘in-built drainage and reinforcement qualities’ you reportedly still see Grasscrete installations with more than 40 years of use.