Rehau launches Raupiano Plus

Rehau has launched Raupiano Plus, a complete system of polymer pipes, fittings and accessories which is said to offer a superior acoustic soil and waste solution.

Raupiano Plus pipes feature a multi-layer composition which reportedly reduces noise without the need for additional pipe lagging. The pipe’s inner layer is made of polypropylene (PP) and is designed to be abrasion-resistant and low friction to reduce blockages and extend lifespan; the middle layer is made of mineral-reinforced PP for sound absorption and stability; and the outer PP layer is impact-resistant, shockproof and UV/weather-resistant.

To further improve the acoustics of the system, Raupiano Plus bends and branches have also been carefully designed to minimise noise. Bend fittings have thickened walls in sound-critical impact areas, while branch components feature hydraulically optimised inner contours to minimise flow noise.

Understanding that it’s not just the sound of turbulent water flow through the pipes which can make a drainage installation noisy, Rehau has developed a patented support bracketing system for Raupiano Plus to significantly minimise structure-borne sound transmission to the installation wall. This consists of a supporting bracket and fixing bracket with rubber inserts to provide both, a firm and tight grip on the pipe and a ‘significant’ reduction on structure-borne sound transmission into the building structure. The ski boot type clasp is said to ensure the brackets are correctly tightened every time and does away with lengthy and time-consuming tightening during the installation.

In test conditions at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, the Raupiano Plus system was given a 17dB rating in operation, which is said to be quieter than a ticking watch and well below the minimum legal requirement.

Drew Clough, product manager of building solutions at Rehau, said: “Vertical living has created many challenges for architects and installers, including the noise of water making its way through the network of pipes required for large accommodation developments. To help alleviate these issues, we have gone back to the drawing board and redesigned a basic drainage pipe into something which reduces noise significantly without dramatically increasing the cost or time spent on installation.”

Raupiano Plus comes in sizes from 32mm to 200mm DN and is reportedly suitable for a variety of applications, from single family homes to large commercial buildings. It is said to be four times lighter than cast iron, and 30% faster to install thanks to printed measurements on the pipes themselves which make shortening them very straightforward.

Raupiano pipes are connected using push fit joints, and because these aren’t glued, installers can ‘easily’ alter gradient and alignment once they are in position. The push fit joints can withstand pressures of up to one bar and with the aid of a specially designed push-fit lock even up to two bars. This provides extra reassurance if needed and allows the use in high-rise buildings up 20 floors and more.

The Raupiano Plus range includes system specific firestop collars rated for up to two hours for all types of service penetrations, said to make the system suitable for all types of buildings.