Rising like a FENIX with new toilet cubicle

The Alto FENIX toilet cubicle from Washroom Washroom provides a unique matt surface, while the rebated edges that characterise the Alto range, create an attractive, virtually seamless façade.

Available in 15 colours and designed specifically for projects demanding exacting aesthetic and performance standards, Alto FENIX is manufactured from Fenix NTM, which is made in Italy by Arpa Industriale, using the latest nanotechnology to create a highly durable, tough acrylic resin surface.

Thermally self-healing and hydro repellent, as well as being impact and scratch resistant, Fenix NTM, which also has enhanced anti-bacterial properties and is easy to clean, is ideal for washrooms and changing areas where a luxury, high performance finish is required.

Alto FENIX is the latest addition to Washroom’s exclusive Iconica Collection, which comprises a range of bespoke, high specification designs, materials and finishes which are not traditionally associated with washrooms to create unique washroom design solutions.