Sundolitt XPS insulation is ideal for blue roof applications

A blue roof design utilises the roof construction for providing water attenuation capacity rather than quickly moving through the usual conveyance system. The water is released at a managed and controlled rate storing the rainwater as required, all as part of the overall Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) good practice policy, replicating the natural environment or in urban areas improving the built environment.

Other alternatives for water attenuation are said to focus on sinking a large tank into the ground for water management which is regarded as a normal course of action. However, according to Sundolitt, this route is often deemed unacceptable due to extensive civil engineering works and extra ground working that would be required which can prove costly and extend project time.

An ideal insulation material for a blue roof application, XPS reportedly provides the required thermal performance for the building but does not degrade or lose its integrity when submerged in water. Supplied in various thicknesses according to the specification, Sundolitt’s XPS is installed with a filtration layer and overlaid with either paving or ballast.

Sundolitt XPS combines the loading capacity for weight-bearing applications with the advantage of maintaining its insulating performance, even in an environment of rainfall saturation in the winter months. In the summer, blue roofs can help cool the building on hot days, reducing the dependency of ventilation or air-conditioning units.

Colin Morrow, general manager at Sundolitt, said: “Although rarely specified in the UK, we have been delighted to be involved in blue roof applications and have worked closely with architects and contractors supporting with the specification of our XPS board. We are able to ensure that the XPS insulation will continue to perform as part of a blue roof system and is an integral part of the overall water management requirements of a building.

“As well as blue roofs, Sundolitt’s XPS is ideal for green and inverted roofs too. It’s fully recyclable and manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System ISO14001 for peace of mind.”