Water-efficient bathroom solutions from Lecico Bathrooms

Selecting the right materials, products, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems can greatly reduce a buildings initial and life cycle impact on the environment, including reduced consumption of water, reduced energy costs, and a healthier environment for users.

Bathrooms account for 90% of water use in commercial buildings, with almost 50% of the water being used for flushing toilets. Consequently, a significant impact can be made in reducing a buildings water use through the specification of water-saving bathroom products.

Water-saving has become a very important sustainability consideration and is leading to significant developments in product innovation. Bathroom manufacturers are increasingly offering new, exciting, innovative, and technologically advanced products for building designers to reduce water consumption.

Water-saving products for bathrooms include WCs which only require 4 or 2.6 litres of water for flushing (dual-flush operation), waterless urinals, water-saving baths, and low-flow showers and taps. A recent innovation in toilets is also making a significant impact in water-saving. Propelair is the world’s lowest water-flush toilet and uses only 1.5 litres of water per flush. It is the highest performer under BREEAM’s water efficiency guidelines using up to 84% less water than conventional toilets. The unique and patented design of the toilet has been engineered specifically for commercial, public, and heavy footfall premises.

Lecico Bathrooms are the leading UK supplier of water-efficient bathroom products and supply a wide range of solutions to help building designers select water-efficient ranges, demonstrate best practice, and document efforts to create sustainable environments.

To learn more about Lecico Bathrooms water-saving product ranges, view or download their Water Saving Solutions brochure: www.lecico.co.uk/brochures